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October 2011



♥ Jesse’s Girl Mineral Baked powder Kiwi Shine Product Review and Swatches ♥

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Price ~ $3.99/Ea.

Where to Buy ~ http://www.jessesgirlcosmetics.com. Select Rite Aid stores



  • Pigmented
  • Affordable


Cons :

  • Bulky packaging

Can only be purchased online or in select rite aid stores

Packaging ~ Clear lid, Bulky

Jesse’s Girl mineral baked powder in Kiwi Shine is one of the most beautiful greens I have come across thus far. Its a Vibrant green with a hint of yellow that in my opinion shines like gold. The shadow is soft enough to allow you to pick up a great amount of color, and still does not crumble at the touch of your brush, therefore avoiding any major fall out.

The packaging is a bit bulky, however, I love the fact that it has a clear lid so you can identify immediately what color you are reaching for.

Overall ~ I recommend this product, I would love to see this company expand to a variety of stores so everyone can easily get there hands on these amazing products! :)

Tip: If your looking to add a nice pop of color to your work day but don’t want your eyes to be to dramatic, try putting on your eyeliner of choice and then dip any angled brush you have into a vibrant eyeshadow and line your lower lash line.


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review, please be mindful of my honest opinion and understand what works for me may not work for you, and visa versa.



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