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Shadow Shields Review and Photos

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Shadow Shields

Written by: Angela Rafaela

Twitter: tangierafaela

Ever try to achieve that Red Carpet Smoky Eye, only to end up looking more like a raccoon than a fox? Well, look no further! Shadow Shields are the answer to flawless eye makeup application every time!

Before makeup application, apply these disposable, self-adhesive shields under your eyes to catch falling pigment, eliminating that all too familiar ‘raccoon eye’ side effect experienced during eyeshadow application. When you’re done; remove, toss and voila — you’re left with clean, smudge-free under eyes!

Major time savers, these lightweight shields are a convenient alternative to the usual powder-under-the-eye trick. With Shadow Shields, messes will be a thing of the past!

“If you love a quick, smudge-free smoky eye… then Shadow Shields are for you!” – Tia Dantzler, Makeup Artist to Jennifer Hudson & Pres. Barack Obama.

Where to buy: shadowshields.com


  • Hands Free/Self Adhesive
  • Protects against fallout
  • No cleanup


  • Very sticky self adhesive

Shadow Shields are crescent moon shaped pieces of thick gauze like paper with adhesive backings that are meant to be used as a barrier between your face and any fallout you may experience while applying eyeshadow.  There are 4 parts that can be peeled back to reveal an adhesive backing(sides, middle and bottom) thou you only need to peel the sides to get the Shadow Shield  to stick and stick well. If you have trouble getting the sides to stick (which I highly doubt you will being that the adhesive is very tacky) you can peel off the backing of the upper middle strip. I don’t think anyone will need to peel off the backing on the bottom portion of the shields. These are very helpful if doing a smokey eye look or working with loose pigments. I have a preference of doing eyeshadow last, thou recently I have been doing my eye makeup looks first because I am usually pressed for time and want to avoid the hassle of cleaning up any fallout I might get. I find these really useful and effective. The only complaint I have is the adhesive – for such a sensitive area it is very strong and I –like most people – don’t like anything pulling or tugging at the area beneath my eyes. I recommend peeling the backing on the two outer corners only – that should suffice. I recently brought these on a shoot and the photographer became so inspired after watching me use them, he decided to incorporate them into the shoot.

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