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September 2011



Milani Krackle Polish Review and Product Swatches

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Kitty Krackle Top Coat Specialty Nail Lacquer:

Create instant nail art with one stroke.Each nail will have it’s own unique design.You can vary the effect of the crackle depending on the thickness

of application.

About Krackle From Milani
Price $4.99
Availability Drug Stores
Pigmentation  High
Opaque Nail Polish
 Other brands with Black polish
Release Date Available Now
Colors  Black






Package Images

 Smooth  Only comes in black
 Quick Drying Shake up bottle before you paint or the polish will not krackle
 Inexpensive  Released a lot later than other brands
 Easy to Apply




Super fun to create tire tracks, designs and just paint the whole nail. The black dries rich and opaque. Its not a permanent trend so picking up a bottle for $4.99 works for me. I love how fast it dries and how easy it is to use.

Tip: One coat does the trick, if you layer the Krackle will not appear.

Regular Colors

Price: $4.99

 Beautiful texture, smooth but shimmery  Only available in select stores
 Dries quickly, so close that bottle up quick!  Needs more than one coat
 Lots of colors to choose from
 I would recommend 1.5-2 coats .. the colors will be much more opaque
 Long lasting, use a primer and top coat for best results


  • Purple Rush- Deeper purple with pinkish tones
  • Racy Green- Looks teal-green to me. Great shimmery look. Think Mermaids
  • Blue Lightening- Dark electric blue with subtle hints of pink and purple
  • Brisk Orange- Bright orange. Its like Shimmery Halloween in a bottle
  • Flashy Silver- Intensely opaque silver polish. More on the white -silver side.


I love them… great shimmery colors without the gritty feeling. Lasts about 4 days if you have a base and top coat. I used my Zoya base and Cacee top coat.

My faves are Flashy Silver, Racy Green and Blue Lightening.



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