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September 2011



Eve Pearl Priming Moisturizer Review

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Written By: Lauren

LaurenFaithMUA@gmail.com or via twitter @LuvAndLipGloss

Every makeup routine should begin with a good skincare regimen. I’m afraid of aging and therefore a firm believer in applying tons of serums, treatments and creams to my face – most of them unnecessarily. I also have a terrible habit of running late – TO EVERYTHING – so anything to save time during my daily beauty prep would be a major benefit. Enter Eve Pearl Priming Moisturizer: This two in one little gem combines a moisturizer and a primer thereby eliminating the need to put on moisturizer, wait for it to dry, put on primer, wait for it to dry, and then start the makeup process.
Not all primers are created equal! Almost all of them (even the moisturizing ones like Laura Mercier) require a moisturizer to be placed on the face first. Then the primer is added to lock in the moisturizer’s hydration and keep makeup from being sucked into pores. Eve Pearl’s Moisturizing Primer is super lightweight but full of hydration that is essential to the skin. At the same time it creates a wonderful base layer for makeup to sit on and not sink into pores. I’ve been using Eve’s primer in place of my usual moisturizer and primer recipe for about a week now and my makeup is lasting all day/night with minimal touchups, my skin feels incredibly smooth, and my face is not oily by the end of the day/night. Let me re-emphasize that point: MY FACE IS TOTALLY NOT GREASY AFTER SEVERAL HOURS! No matter what combination of moisturizers and primers I have ever used – even mattifiers and oil free solutions – my face always felt oily and uncomfortable by the end of the day. Eve has somehow found the perfect combination of lightweight moisturizer and long lasting primer and placed them together in one fabulous tube.

A multi-functional primer and moisturizer that is light and non-greasy. It can be applied to the face and neck for use under makeup or worn alone. It will help skin feel smooth and help makeup last all day long.

Evepearl.com retails this product for $28.00

Time saving two-in-one moisturizer and primer
Locks hydration into the skin
Creates a perfect surface on which to apply makeup
Non greasy
Only available online
Contains a light fragrance
Does not contain spf
I am still obsessed with applying a ton of serums, anti aging treatments and moisturizers at night, but for daily adventures Eve Pearl’s Priming Moisturizer is a must have. I love the way the product feels no matter if I’m wearing heavy foundation, sheer coverage or no makeup at all. The only drawback is that I have to add an SPF to my makeup routine – a major necessity for the south Florida sun.
The only thing that seems better than Eve’s Priming Moisturizer is her Priming Moisturizer with Astaxanthin – an anti-aging ingredient that contains a natural SPF 20. Yay! All of the solutions I’m looking for in one perfect bottle! Guess what I just added to my makeup wish list….



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