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September 2011



Bubble Babez Hello Kitty Lotion Bar Review

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$8 ($7 without tin) plus shipping
(Bonus: Use code Family&Friends to get 15% off any order over $25)

Where to Buy: bubblebabez.com


  • Ultra moisturizing bar
  • Luxurious fragrance
  • Melts into skin easily, quick absorbing


  • Melts easily, keep away from humidity (the bathroom)
  • Fragrance did not linger on this tester
  • Ingredients are not listed on package.


The lotion bar arrived in a shrink wrapped tin. The bar itself is
wrapped in parchment paper. The Hello Kitty lotion bar is a bright
peach/coral color and is shaped like a 5-petaled flower. Everything
about this product is feminine and sweet. The scent is described as,
“A beautiful, fruity dessert concoction. Delicious berries, with a
hint of coconut smothered in whipped cream.” I smell pineapple and
coconut, but I can also smell raspberry, maybe papaya or guava and
some creaminess. This smell is tropical and sweet.


There’s a lot to like about this lotion bar. The consistency is like
lip balm but melts & absorbs into your skin with ease. But the scent
did not linger on me, so layer if you want the smell to stick around.
My favorite way to use this product has been to use it as an
after-shower moisturizer, to dry off and then rub down with this. It’s
especially good after a shave or to use on dry patches. A pleasant
side-effect is that it makes my tattoos look newer.

What I didn’t love was the tin. It’s cute for storage but tin +
humidity + bathroom = rust. And if you live in a warm climate, you
might do best to keep this stored in the refrigerator; it can be so
soft you waste product while applying. Maybe a little plastic tub
would be a better storage solution? You can order without the tin,
though and this is a good idea. Just select “refill” from the
drop-down; it also saves you a buck.

At any rate, this is a line worth checking out, especially if you team
up with a friend to save on shipping, which runs about $5 on average.


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