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September 2011



5 Ways to Freshen Your Beauty For Fall

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If you are falling into a Fall Funk just mix up your makeup a bit.

There are a few distinctive makeup tricks that can bring your Summer Make up straight into Fall.

Got any Fall Tips? Let us know below.

  1. Mix your foundation and loose highlight eyeshadow then apply it on your cheeks, pout of the lip and nose bridge
  2. Take your Bronzer and blush and mix the colors. The bronzer will deepen the blush to create an instant Fall blush.
  3. Add  a few low lights to your hair. It will give the appearance of depth while not damaging your hair like an all over dye.
  4. If you went all Summer with your hair up. Try something different. Add a flower or facinator into the mix.  Or even try putting it down.
  5. To deepen your lipsticks for Fall. Pick up a darker lip liner and blend it with your Summer Lipstick. Voila.. a new shade :)


  1. JoJo Beauty-Guide
  2. JoJo Beauty-Guide

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