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August 2011



How To Make Rice in a Microwave

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(Level: ALL) OK, so not long ago, I tweeted that I can't cook rice on a stove top, and that I use the microwave when making rice. I've discovered this method in college, and my mom actually showed me how to do this. Which is so ideal as I only had a microwave and a mini fridge in college. Many was wondering 'how the heck' can one cook rice in the microwave. Well, here's how! A good break from makeup! Rice Cooker takes average 30-45 mins. This method takes 14 min. EnJoy!

How to Make Rice using a Microwave:
Place 1 cup of rice in a microwaveable plastic bowl (preferably with a cover)
Rince/wash rice as normal
Add 1 1/2 cup water (ratio: for every 1 cup rice, 1 1/2 cup water)
Place the bowl the microwave with cover (you can use a diner plate)
Microwave on HI for 5 mins.
Then set your Micro Power Level to 4 (Med-Low)
and cook for another 9 mins.
Then you're done! Enjoy some nice fluffy rice.

If you don't have power setting, Microwave the rice for 10 min straight up.
Check if the rice is still a little watery, then add 2 -4 minutes until most of the moisture evaporates.

*If you're living in higher elevation, add 1 minute for first 1,000 ft – additional minutes per 1,000 feet higher that that.

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No one paid me to make this video. It's making rice for cry in out loud!

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How To Make Rice in a Microwave

(Level: ALL) OK, so not long ago, I tweeted that I can't cook rice on a stove top, and that...