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August 2011



Pop Beauty Nail Glam in Radio Active Swatches and Product Review

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Written By: Lauren

LaurenFaithMUA@gmail.com or via twitter @LuvAndLipGloss

Pop Beauty nail glam is the first nail polish that actually lasted on my nails! It was 7 days before it chipped: A huge success and totally record breaking for my poor, thin, brittle nails. I love nail polishes. I must own at least 50 colors, but sadly I almost never have polish on my nails. I’m constantly working, dragging a heavy makeup case around and, not to mention, super clumsy so I always tend to bang my nails into things or break them while trying to open a drawer or damage my nail bed just by fumbling through my purse. It’s impossible for color to last on my nails for more than a day. Even strengtheners and hardeners chip off my nails. I would love to keep polish on my nails – it’s such a great way to express style, trends and attitude. The Pop Beauty Radioactive color lasted on my nails. This color is intense bright neon green and stayed true from the bottle to my finger nails. The color dried down almost to a matte finish. I decided not to put a top coat on because I liked the way the polish dried. Even without the protective top coat the polish lasted a week before chipping. If I had a top coat I probably could have gone a week and a half without a chip. Pop Beauty says its nail colors are non-chip, strengthening, hardening and ridge filling. I don’t think anything is non-chip (it’s kind of like sunscreen being waterproof – always reapply once you’ve been in the water), but this polish contains nylon and really lasts on nails! This polish is a non occlusive formula that won’t stain nails – another major plus, because I’ve put on polishes before that discolored my nails and surrounding skin completely.

A non occlusive nail polish that is toluene, formaldehyde and DBP fee.

Urban Outfitters; Ulta; Beauty.com; popbeauty.co.uk
Each color costs $10

Long lasting color
Non occlusive (won’t stain nails)
No toluene (a benzene derivative solvent); formaldehyde or DBP (chemical plasticizer that almost all nail companies took out of their formulas since 2006)
Color stays true from bottle to finger nails

Hard to find stores with large color selection. Most purchases will have to be made from the internet and the color on the screen may not equal the actual color in the bottle
Definitely needs two coats; I probably could have put on a third since I didn’t use a top coat

This polish definitely stays chip resistant longer than others I have tried in the past. There are 20 colors in the collection, so it’s not as much selection as some other popular brands out there (ie: OPI and Essie), but it’s versatile enough to keep up with seasonal or basic wardrobe changes. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to buy this product online, but if I’m ever in a store and see this nail glam on the shelves I will definitely be picking up at least two more colors.

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