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August 2011



Model In A Bottle Long Lasting Brow Sealer

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Monday’s Must Have Product

While at The Make Up Show I was introduced to this amazing product. As many of you know I struggle with my brows. I just pretty much hate them and love to hide them with my bangs :)

I hate them because they are sparse, super droopy and I just hate spending time on them. But after using this product for a week I am in love. It doesn’t feel stiff and doesn’t flake at all. My brows were in place all day and I just had to apply it once in the morning.

Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer will hold natural brow or any brow make up. Just pick your favorite applicator. The mascara wand for your thicker fuller more natural brow, the brush for you gals with a finer penciled brow. Model in a Bottle Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer won’t dust, shine or flake. It is easily removed with warm water and your favorite cleanser. For use on eyebrows only.

This little bottle will last forever and what a super value at only $12 Modelinabottle.com

Where: Modelinabottle.com

Price: $12.00 use coupon code: FF20 for 20% off :)


  • Works great and lasts all day without any flaking
  • Reasonably price and even better with a discount
  • Comes with brush or mascara wand style. Pick what you want to use.
  • Brows aren’t stiff ( just initially when you first apply it on)
  • Perfect brows like in the magazines every time. Every strand goes where you want it to go. So if you are doing an evil villain look you can just brush them straight up with this stuff. Mwahahahah
  • Comes right off when you shower


  • Comes in a glass bottle. I wish it came in a more travel friendly form. I am such a klutz 😛 But I guess calling it Model in a Tube doesn’t have the same ring 😀
  • Shipping is a bit high, maybe make the purchase with a friend because it is worth it.

Overall, I highly recommend this product for your brows. This has an alcohol base so don’t use it on or around your eyes. Just draw on your brows and then glide the Brow Sealer on and you are done. A little goes a long way so this is going to last a long time.

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