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August 2011



Meet The Beauty Editors

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Meet our beautiful beauty editors. From counters to television these ladies know what is going on in the beauty world.


About Andrae

Andrae has a passion for all things beauty. Even when she was a young girl she loved makeup and hair;
as she grew older she turned that passion into a career. She focuses on sharing her tips and tricks while making
beauty videos on Youtube or blogging to give step by step guidance for both rookies and seasoned professionals. She has a wide variety of knowledge both learned from independent study and her current enrollment in cosmetology school. This combination creates a solid foundation that allows her to keep up with trends and current events. Andrae has an unbiased opinion when evaluating both high and low end products to give a thorough, accurate judgment based on quality and value. So, whether you watch or read Andrae’s reviews for entertainment or education you will always enjoy yourself!


Angela Rafaela

About Angela

Angela Rafaela is a freelance makeup artist in the New York area. She discovered her love of color and art at an early age. When given the choice of taking art lessons or music lessons, Angela, without hesitation, chose art. She had always been artistically inclined and continued to explore her creativity through various mediums – drawing, painting, writing as well as graphic and web designing. By the 8th grade she knew she wanted to be a make-up artist. And so it went, after high school she hopped on a PATH train, enrolled at LIBS in New York and was taught by some of the best professionals in the industry, including Orlando Santiago. It was during those months where she fell head over heels in love with New York City. She continues to indulge her love affair with New York City and makes a living making the world a more colorful place, one face at a time.

Twitter her tangierafaela


About Cassandra

I’m 29 & live in Portland, Or. I don’t work in the industry but definitely consider myself an enthusiast and semi-professional. Makeup is a hobby for me but I do debbie a lot of time to it!

I love bold eye looks and fragrance but I’m also a sucker for creative nail techniques & new hair products.

I overspend consistently at Sephora. My favorite brands are MAC, Revlon & Dior. I am on a project pan with fragrance…I’m simply not allowed to buy anymore until I use up some of my stash.

Goals: attend an IMATS, do freelance work locally.

I look forward to giving honest, well-thought-out reviews on pursebuzz.com.
Talk to her here Twitter.com/cassandraj


About Gloria

Gloria’s obsession and love affair with makeup started when she was 13, when her parents brought her over to the local Shiseido counter for a middle school/cousin’s wedding makeover.  Not only did she love how glamorous she felt, she fell in love with how the colors blended together, how a thin line of dark eyeliner made her eyes look intense, and how fun it was to apply everything!

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics from UCLA, Gloria decided to simultaneously pursue her interest in lab work as well as beauty.  When she’s not in her lab, she’s devoted to learning and sharing everything about beauty.  She is a cast member at Sephora, where she loves helping everyday women and the random celebrities find products perfect for their needs.

Currently she is pursuing her dream of becoming a beauty editor and correspondent. You can find her at her own blog at gloriayang.net/blog, and also as a contributing editor at nadinejolie.com/blog. Feel free to contact her on Facebook and Twitter!
Website:  Beyond Beauty – Gloria Yang’s Beauty Blog
Facebook:  Beyond Beauty – Gloria Yang’s Beauty Blog on Facebook
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/#!/GloriaYangBB


Joyce Antoinette is a Toronto-based beauty blogger passionate about all things makeup. While most girls experimented with eyeliner and lipgloss at a young age, Joyce was busy playing volleyball and running for class President. It was not until her mid-20’s that Joyce realized she could express her creative side through makeup application. Over the past few years, she has developed a love for testing out the latest products on the market and experimenting with different makeup looks. Working with the pursebuzz team, Joyce hopes to contribute to the beauty community and become inspired by all of you.
Website: www.joyceantoinette.com
Twitter: @jantoinette_

Khristine T.

A Young Mom of two toddler girls, married to her High School sweetheart. A Fitness & Beauty Enthusiast bringing you easy fit-tips & makeup tutorials, beauty product reviews and sharing my weightloss journey with all of you! I hope to inspire others, that no matter what, you can be what you want & do what you want, HOW you want! Life is too short, so stay beautiful, fit and have fun!

I hope to share my ever growing knowledge of all things fitness & beauty related, and hope to also learn from many other fitness & beauty bloggers as well!
Website: http://www.MyFitBeauty.com
Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/MyFitBeauty
Youtube: http://www.Youtube.com/MyFitBeauty


I have been acting for nearly 20 years. With that came a love for beauty and fashion. I started out in theatrical makeup. I had a great interest in making myself or anyone who would let me put makeup on them, look like something completely different….just with makeup. Over the years I gradually started noticing people asking me about makeup. After years of offering my advice and teaching technique and such, I wanted to share my knowledge and passion with people on a more broad scale. I was introduced to YouTube by pandah18 on YouTube, also my real life friend. I loved the possibilities that YouTube provides for me to learn and to teach. I developed a beauty Blog and started posting videos to my YouTube channel and found a love for the beauty community. I am very grateful for the opportunity to do what I love and share it with the world in the hopes it will help someone, somewhere.

Check out her blog here  www.serenitysdoortobeauty.blogspot.com


Lauren Massaro is a professional makeup artist focusing mainly in the medias of television, film and print advertising. Like many artists she discovered her passion at a young age when she demanded that her mother –a painter and art school teacher – buy her every colored pencil, crayon, marker, oil pastels, and acrylic paint available at stores. And then, like all little girls, she started experimenting with her mother’s lipstick, eye shadow and high heels. Thus began her passion for painting faces and creating beauty on the human form. After years of applying beauty makeup to herself and friends she decided to turn her love affair of makeup into a career.
Now Lauren works at NBC Miami where she does daily makeup for news anchors. She has been involved in several prestigious runway shows such as Lanvin, Perry Ellis, Betsy Johnson and Manish Arora for Nespresso. She has shot print advertisements for major companies like Nike; and has worked on numerous short films.
Lauren has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh in art history and English writing. She lives in Miami with her DJ boyfriend, a 90 lb bulldog (yes, he has his own twitter @BubbaTheBulldog), a black and white tabby cat, and a recently adopted Siamese kitten. All of the aforementioned were rescues… (LOL)
She hopes you enjoy her guest posts on pursebuzz and looks forward to answering any questions. Please feel free to contact her at LaurenFaithMUA@gmail.com or via twitter @LuvAndLipGloss


Maria Barillaro began her career working full-time for LOULOU Magazine. From Online Copy Editor to Beauty Editor, she quickly discovered that her adventures in beauty product testing were the beginning of a new and unforeseen career path. Now freelancing for online publications like Reader’s Digest, Best Health and Real Style Network, this web savvy beautista also works around the clock on her very own blog: Beauty Booty 411. Whether it’s the buzz on the latest trends, hottest new beauty goodies, tips or advice, Maria has it all.

Become a Fan: www.facebook.com/beautybooty411
Follow me on Twitter: BeautyBooty411

Photography by: Suzie Frias Photo Design


Hi, My name is Melissa and I am a 29-year-old makeup and beauty junkie from Oregon. I have been in the beauty business for a while now.  I love teaching and education people on beauty products and how the work a long with how to get the most out of what you are doing. I love music, reading and I am obsessed with all of the E! Reality TV shows

Check out my sites:


Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/msbsbbtl


Hello! I’m Vivienne! I’m 19 years old and I live in Southern California.
Currently a college student with a huge passion for makeup and skincare.
Being a student, I’m always on the lookout for great products that give a bang for their buck.
I just started using makeup but I try to have fun and experiment with what looks good and stands out.
I love to make new friends, so talk me any time! Thank you so much! <3
Blog URL (not updated as frequently): http://hellovivienne.blogspot.com


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