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August 2011



How To Last Friday Night Official Music Video Nail Tutorial Katy Perry

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I love Katy Perry and her style.. its soo much fun

Here is a simple tutorial using hot pink, limegreen/yellow and a top coat.

Products Used:

  • Color Club The Lime Starts Here
  • Ruby Kisses hot Pink pants
  • Developers 10 Top Coat
  • Cacee Base




How To Recreate these nails

  • Start off by buffing the nail and removing any oil on the nails. This will help the polish last longer. Don’t file your nail, simply buff.
  • Next Using a hot pink nail polish like Ruby Kisses in Hot Pink Pants. Place a blob if polish on a disposable surface.
  • Then using a fine nail brush. I like to use ones from art polish bottles work the color onto the bristles. Do a check to see if the color and intensity works for you.
  • Draw a line on the lower half close to your cuticle. This will serve as a guideline. Make it as thick as you want.
  • Proceed to filling in the area with the same polish.
  • Clean up can be done with a q0tip and polish remover.
  • Next take a lime green. I am using color club The Lime Starts Here and paint from the edge of the hot pink up. Don’t try to paint the whole nail hot pink has that will darker the lime green. 2-3 coats if necessary
  • Using the hot pink create a line close to the top of the nail. Make it as thin or thick as you would like.
  • Create a horizontal line from that pink line to the tip of the nail. Fill in the left square with hot pink.
  • Paint a light coat of clear at the tips then proceed to pain the whole nail. This will help with any chips.

Click here to see some pursebuzzers recreations. Katy Perry Last Friday Night Nails From Pursebuzzers

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